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We are a small family-based farm at Rosa brook in Margaret River. My partner Kim and I came to Margaret River with two small children (Max and Kelly ) for a sea change and David our youngest was born here.
The children have been raised in a rural environment in one of the most pristine and beautiful areas of the world. They have all worked willingly on the farm (free until we had to pay them!) and when they have left for higher education etc. They all have come home at times to help out. Max our eldest is now running the Farm and Business and Kelly (a professional photographer does all our photos ). David is travelling!

We could see that there were management and production issues with free ranging layer hens but felt the hens suffered in the cages and thought they belonged on the ground with freedom to roam .Surely with advances in technology and farming techniques these issues could be addressed?

Strip grazing was being trialled in the beef industry – what benefits could this bring to pasture management with free range hens? And if the hens were rotated through yards wouldn’t the sunlight kill off pathogens left behind? The answer was yes!

Temperature is a critical production factor with hens and difficult to control in an open system, but with better design, new materials and cooling technology perhaps it could be managed better?

Yes – again.

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  • Rosa Brook Road, Margaret River Western Australia 6285, Australia

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