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Merri Bee Organic Farmacy is permaculture & ecosystem that’s been
developing over the past 30 years. With over 90 species of fruit, nut and fibre
the tree now established, Stewart Seesink and Bee Winfield's passion is
regenerating healthy topsoil on their land which adjoins the Blackwood River
in Nannup and are excited to be part of the growing fair food movement,
providing nutrient-dense food and teaching soil-building skills so we
can all grow in health and happiness.
The ever-expanding food forest is supporting us, our animals, and loyal
customers who care for the environment, animal welfare and their own vitality.
Stew and Bee are regular stall holders at Margaret River Farmers market and
sell a diverse range of products from compost rich soil: fully tree-ripened fruit
( fresh and dried), vegetables, nuts, and pastured eggs, meat and dairy from
animals who enjoy clean pastures and certified organic grains.The 27-acre farm in Nannup is complimented recently by 50 acres in Karridale.
Both properties are tested free of pesticide residues and heavy metals. We were
certified organic a decade with NASAA, and continue to comply with all organic
standards. The farm is based on the wisdom of people like Bill Mollison,
Allan Savoury,(Jerry Brunetti, Vandana Shiva, and Weston A Price.
According to Dr Price's studies, pastured animal products are essential for
optimal health Modern medicine is now catching up with the truth of ancient
Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut”.Widespread regenerative
agriculture is our greatest hope to reverse climate change and the global epidemics
of cancer, diabetes, obesity, mental illness and more. “Let food be thy medicine",
said Hippocrates. Merri Bee Organic produce certainly is preventative medicine.

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