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We are an all Australian owned and operated family business specialising in dried garlic products grown in the pristine land of N-W Tasmania.

Pure and Purple Garlic, a boutique Tasmanian food business was founded by Debbie and Helena, sisters-in-law, living in the beautiful Tasmania countryside.
After a fruitful working life, retirement found they both had more time to regenerate their green thumbs and try their hand at gardening garlic. Before they knew it, Pure & Purple Garlic had become their new baby!
Australia’s arid environment means that during the offseason, only Mexican and Chinese grown garlic is available. Those large white bulbs you pick up at the supermarket are often grown in sterile soil and are bleached white.
Debbie and Helena preferred a natural and local option. The rich basalt soil of North West Tasmania was the perfect environment for many crops, including wonderful garlic with its rich purple hues.
When dried and cured, the result is beautiful, flavoursome cloves with a sharp but sweet taste.
Pure Purple garlic is the perfect souvenir of your time in Tassie – its lightweight and sustainable packaging means you can easily pop it in your suitcase or send some to friends.

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