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The benefits of a digital shopfront for Aussie producers

The question ‘Where can I buy food today?’ will yield at least 7 billion results from Google. Go ahead, try it. 

That’s 7 billion pages committed to figuring out potential raw food ingredients and food products that you can use for today’s menu. 

The more important question is: ‘As a local Aussie food producer, will your product/service offering be one of those searchable results on search engines?’ 

That’s how important having a digital shopfront is for your business. 

What is a digital shopfront?

A digital shopfront simply refers to doing business online. It is the act of promoting and selling your goods or stuff through the internet whether it’s on a website, social media platform, or virtual ads, or online directory listing. See how it works at Fair Foodie. 

As opposed to a physical shopfront which is a brick and mortar store where customers can visit to go and do their shopping, a digital shopfront allows customers to find you on the web and buy your products or pay for your service even without seeing your face to face. 

And because your customers are the lifeblood of your business – especially in these unprecedented times where the coronavirus is threatening many businesses and even our way of life – going online to promote your goods is the safest and most effective way to stay in touch with existing customers and to attract a different set of consumers that would otherwise be unreachable.  

Whether you’re one of Australia’s more established food & drink companies or any of the local, family-owned Aussie food producers, here are five fantastic benefits of a digital shopfront.  

  1. Reach present and future consumers 

In this digital age and in the event of any business disruption, such as the global pandemic, the best way to reach your target audience is by having a digital shopfront. 

Having your own website or even just a simple but attractive online ad on any social media platform means being easily accessible by your beloved customers – and even positioning yourself to be noticed by other potential consumers looking for the exact same products/services you’re selling.  

  1. Access your business easily 

Venturing out in the exciting world of e-commerce means removing limitations on where, when, and how to find you and your goods! When you go online, it makes it easier for customers to do their shopping even while both of you are within the comforts of your own home. This also removes the risk of endangering public health or violating quarantine/lockdown rules within your community.

Doing business as usual is as easy as clicking your mouse – well, it’s a little bit more complicated than that – but the point is, if you have a digital shopfront and people can find you online 24/7, it removes boundaries and struggles of doing face to face transactions in grocery stores and food shops these days. 

  1. Build customer relationships 

Just imagine the smile you will put on your customers’ faces when they see you online. Don’t forget: they’ve chosen to do business with a local Aussie producer like you or patronise your products/services because they either admire its quality, they feel its value for their money, or they simply trust that what you’re offering is good for them.

When you have internet visibility, you’re paving the way – digitally speaking – to maintain your relationship with them as their go-to shopping store. It’s like the equivalent of a thousand handshakes, pat on the back, or hugs where both of you can benefit as retailers and consumers. 

  1. Increase sales

There’s no shame in admitting that this is, by far, the most sensible reason for having a digital shopfront especially if you’re offering great quality in both goods and customer service. Tough times are here and aren’t it reassuring to know you can still connect with your customers by going online?

The positive shopping experience they already have with you is enough to make them continue purchasing from you – and even have them convince others to try yours out! When you’re just a mouse click away from your customers, that’s enough motivation for them to come back for more. 

How Fair Foodie Can Help

  1. Register at for FREE! Now, you’re ready to list your business and be found online right away. 

SAVE on expensive website development and content creation costs. 

  1. Create your own business listing – from taglines, wording, images, and pricing – everything related to your products and services. Make your own and edit it anytime you want. Plus, you get free access to the support team in case you need it. 

CONTROL your content to reflect your business or brand the best way possible. 

  1. Get your own personalised dashboard! View online traffic to your page, sales, earnings, as well as essential data and insights for your business.

ACCESS all information you need to know about your product or service offerings – all updated in real-time.

  1. Schedule face-to-face/virtual events to connect with existing customers, attract potential clients, and widen your target consumer base. 

INNOVATE amidst the pandemic or any business disruption so you can keep the revenue stream flowing and position your brand well in the industry.

  1. Have a safe and secure online platform where you can do business as usual and receive direct payments for all your goods!

EARN the way it’s supposed to be – pandemic or not – and because you have a wider reach through your digital shopfront, get lots of opportunities to increase your profits even more.

Having a digital shopfront doesn’t have to be an enormous challenge or investment. At Fair Foodie, we can help you create your online presence so your food, drinks, and fresh produce can be easily accessible by your customers. Witness your business thrive and succeed by using the internet to your advantage. Plus, it doesn’t cost the earth… in fact, it’s free! So what have you got to lose – see How it works! If you want to get started right now, contact us here


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