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It’s FREE! It costs you nothing to register your account, build your business listing and start taking enquiries immediately. 

Our secure e-commerce functionality is an optional feature which you are welcome to use for taking online orders from your customers. This feature will attract a 5% transaction fee – this fee may be reduced for high volume vendors. The 5% fee is deducted automatically from the completion of each order. Compared with other food ordering services which charge 35% commission plus delivery fees, this is a very affordable and safe option. 

Not long! Setting up a business listing can be done in approximately 20 minutes, and even faster once you’re familiar with the platform. If you have your profile content (such as menu, pricing and images) ready to go it will be even easier.

If you are setting up the e-commerce online ordering functionality, it will take you a bit longer. We recommend you put aside an hour or so to really zhoosh up your profile… after all, you are representing your brand. Here is your chance to make it look sensational and really stand out from the crowd! 

Never fear, if you get stuck along the way check out our How It Works page for great tips, or contact our friendly support team at 

It’s easy. Get started in these few steps: 

  1. Register as a user
    It’s easy and it’s free to start your FairFoodie account.


  2. Confirm your account
    Be sure to go into your email account to confirm this is you. Click the link to confirm, and then you will be able to proceed to build your account.


  3. Build your account profile
    Once you have confirmed your account, build your profile by clicking on the little chef avatar in the top right corner. Congrats! You have a profile, which means you may now add business listings.
  4. Add your listing:
    This is where you can promote your business for free. It’s your chance to show off what’s great and unique about your business so put some time into making it look great. You can even display upcoming events and virtual experiences. 

    Click Add Listing to begin.

Once you are signed into your business account you may create your business listing. If you have multiple businesses, you may create multiple listings here. 

  1. Click Add Listing at the top of your screen. 
  2. This section enables you to show off what is so great about your business and products. Don’t be shy! If you have won industry awards, notable chefs on your team or unique menu items that make your business famous, here is your chance to let it be known.
  3. Be sure to enable Pick Up, Drive Up or Delivery options, to let your customers know which services are available. 

It’s that simple! Don’t waste any time, you’ve got hungry customers busting to find you. Oh, and the best part? You can come back anytime to update and add more content to your profile. So don’t stress if you haven’t got all the content ready to go. Good luck!

Humans are visual creatures. They gain confidence in your business by seeing photos and videos that display a level of professionalism and inspiration that they desire. If you don’t already own some great photos of food, your business or your team in action, it’s time to get snapping. Plus it’s easy with a smartphone. Make sure you showcase the variety of products on offer as well as the wonderful and unique aspects of your business. 

Video is a really powerful and engaging way to bring your business to life also. According to Hubspot, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. You could consider sharing a tour of your kitchen, a quick taster of your menu items or an introduction to yourself and your team. It’s easy to upload your video to your business listing with a YouTube or Vimeo link.

You may add as many photos or videos as you wish. You should upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo first and copy the link into the video field. Landscape images display the best, so if you are able to trim or resize any portrait images that is recommended. 1200px wide x 700px high is the ideal size. Images are limited to 2MB size. 

Yes! You can create a menu to showcase the variety of food items you offer.  You may upload multiple menus. Enter the name of the menu in the Title field to distinguish between your different menus.

If you choose to offer online sales with delivery of your products, you will need to determine the best process for delivering the items to your customers. Be sure to stipulate whether you are offering local delivery only or Australia-wide delivery. 

At this time of change, consider whether you can cut costs further by delivering to your local area yourself, or by paying your existing staff to deliver it for you?

Be sure to include delivery costs in your online sales menu. We suggest you create different menus for Pick Up versus Delivery to cover those costs. 

You have a few options available to you with FairFoodie. Your enquiries and orders will be visible through the FairFoodie dashboard. Keep an eye on the dashboard to ensure you don’t miss any orders. You will also receive notifications to your chosen email address. 

  1. Enquiry only: You may choose to take  enquiries only. This means that new customers can send you an email to ask about your business, your menu or to customise their order. This may be your best approach if you do custom orders such as birthday cakes.
  2. Pick Up or Drive Up only: If you do not wish to take online orders, but only want to advertise your take away menu, this is a good place to build your customer awareness and drive foot traffic to your business. This may be the best approach if you have limited food/produce available each day and cannot accommodate online orders. Be sure to include your business address, opening hours and any special instructions on how to collect an order. 
  3. Delivery only: If you do not have a shop-front that allows for customers to collect take away orders, you should stipulate that you only offer items for delivery. Be sure to stipulate the distance in which you are willing to travel upfront and include the delivery fee in your prices too. Most importantly, you’ll need to keep an eye on your dashboard to be ready to dispatch your orders to your new customers.
  4. Enquiry, Pick Up, Drive Up and Delivery: If you offer a variety of options to your customers that’s great! Just be sure to keep an eye out for online orders and enquiries in your dashboard so you don’t miss a thing.
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